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New York Yankees 2012 Ticket Information Released

The Yankees released general ticket information for the 2012 season.

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The New York Yankees released a statement providing general ticket information for the 2012 season, and fans who normally buy bleacher tickets may not like the news.

Though the Yankees announced that 70 percent of ticket prices will reduce or remain the same, non-obstructed bleacher seats will become $5 more expensive.

Nearly one-third of available tickets will be priced at $30 or less, according to the Yankees, including at least 900,000 tickets priced at $25 or less. All Field Level prices will remain unchanged or reduced, Grand Level seats beyond the bases will go unchanged at $20, and Grand Level seats between the bases will cost $28.

The Yankees instituted a number of new ticket plans, including two 12-game packages, one which provides tickets to Opening Day and one Red Sox game, another which provides tickets to two Red Sox games.

The Yankees will also introduce the Half-Price Game Ticket Special, which allows fans to buy tickets at half price for select games.

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