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Robinson Cano: New Deal 'Not Going To Happen' Say Yankees

Scott Boras wants a new contract for Robinson Cano, but the Yankees aren't picking up the phone.

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Robinson Cano would like a new contract. The New York Yankees, so far, are not picking up the phone.

That's the gist according to Cano's agent, Scott Boras, who would like to terminate the Yankee's two club options for his client and get a new long-term deal in place.  The Yankees are internally discussing a new long-term deal for club ace CC Sebathia, who could opt out of the final four years (and $92 million) of his deal this offseason.

Boras told the New York Post, "I called [Yankees GM Brian Cashman] to ask about dropping the options and he hasn't returned the call."

The Yankees hold a club option on Cano for $14 million next season and $15 million in 2013. That's a relative bargain for the best slugging second basemen in the game. Cano hit .302 with 28 home runs, 118 RBIs and an OPS of .882.

ESPN New York reported Thursday morning that the Yankees say it is "highly, highly unlikely" they will give Cano a new deal.

"It's understandable what the player wants, but in reality, it's not going to happen," ESPN reported an unnamed Yankee official as saying.

Cano is an integral part of the Yankee lineup, even moving up to third in the lineup toward the end of the season. But with the option to keep him on the cheap, New York has focused its attention on locking up its ace. It doesn't seem likely that Sabathia would leave New York, but if he were to walk away, the Yankees would be hard-pressed to find a rotation anchor on its roster or in the thin free agency market.

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