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David Ortiz To The Yankees? Please Don't Let That Happen

David Ortiz as a member of the New York Yankees? Yankees fans should hope that talk is just 'pie in the sky' conjecture and that Big Papi never dons the pinstripes.

Ortiz, a free agent, said he might leave the Red Sox because "There's too much drama."

The slugger did not rule out a move to the other side of the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry.

"It's great from what I hear," Ortiz said of the Yankees. "It's a good situation to be involved in. Who doesn't want to be involved in a great situation where everything goes the right way?

"They lost just like we did, they just went to the first round of the playoffs. I ain't heard nobody coming out killing everybody just because they lost."

When Ortiz was a free agent way back in 2003 George Steinbrenner wanted the Yankees to sign him. If The Boss was still alive and still in charge of the Yankee Universe, Ortiz might really have a shot at being a Yankee in 2012. Now, though? I would say Ortiz as a Yankee would be highly unlikely to happen. Nor should it happen.

Ortiz, who will be 36 next season, can still hit. He batted .309 in 2011 with 29 home runs and 96 RBI. That's not the issue. The issue he is an aging, slow-footed, highly-paid player on the back side of his career. On top of which, all he can do is be a designated hitter.

The Yankees need players whose best years are in front of them, not behind them. Plus, young or old the last thing they need is a guy who can only be a designated hitter.

New York has young slugger Jesus Montero ready for the big leagues, as he showed by hitting .328 with four home runs and 12 RBI in 69 at-bats during a September call-up. Montero is a catcher, sure, but he is really a hitter. The Yankees need to keep the DH role clear for him as often as possible. Plus, Alex Rodriguez is aging and more and more injury-prone. He needs to DH occasionally, or maybe more than occasionally. Derek Jeter is not young any more, either, and DH days are helpful for him, as well.

Plus, Ortiz comes with a fair amount of drama himself. As the New York Post wrote,"The Yankees don't need the Big Papi Sideshow."

Exactly. The Yankees need fewer sideshows of their own. Fewer designated hitters. Fewer guys with fat wallets and fat egos who are on the down sides of their careers.

They don't need Ortiz.