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Yankees Vs. Tigers ALDS: Post-Game Reaction To Suspension of Game 1

Here are some of the reactions to the suspension of Game 1 of the ALDS between the New York Yankees and Texas Rangers Friday night at Yankee Stadium.

Joe Torre, representing Major League Baseball:

"We certainly were not going to start a game if we had a forecast of heavy rain. Our forecast was light, intermittent showers. Nothing that was threatening, except until late tonight. Obviously that forecast changed, and we came up with the result that we did.

Obviously, we're going to have to come up with a plan if we get rained out tomorrow. Certainly, we hope that the forecast is going to be better than we were told about tomorrow, because the forecast originally tomorrow was worse than today."

Jim Leyland, Detroit manager:

"This is not a big deal. Everybody does the best they can. Everybody is kind of scurrying around right now. There's no sense getting excited. It's the way it is. ... It is what it is. Good Lord, it rained. So what. It's all about three. It's all about three. Win three, lose three. That's what this is about. The magic number is three for both teams. That's the way it is. There's no sense getting all excited."

Joe Girardi, Yankees manager:

"We've been through this all year long. It's not what either club wanted. Both clubs have to deal with it. The one thing I probably learned as much as any other, you cannot fight Mother Nature.

"The weather is tricky around here. We had one game here, we were trying to figure out it's 7:00 when we were going to play the split double-header. There was no way we were playing. And at 7:30 everything split, and we ended up playing. The weather is hard to predict around here. It's been hard to predict all year long. No, I have no complaints."