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New York Yankees News And Rumors: A $12-13 Million Offer For Andy Pettitte?

According to's Jon Heyman the New York Yankees are willing to give Andy Pettitte $12-13 million to return to the Bronx for one more season.

Pettitte made $11.75 million in 2010 when he went 11-3 with a 3.28 ERA in 21 starts. 

A few weeks ago I really thought Pettitte was just playing GM Brian Cashman and owner Hal Steinbrenner a bit to see if he could squeeze them for, say, $15-16 million. The longer this goes on without a definitive answer, though, the more it seems likely Pettitte will not be in the Yankee starting rotation when the season begins.

Could Pettitte pull a Roger Clemens by staying home at the beginning of the season and then deciding to return mid-summer? It' possible I suppose, and I can't rule it out. 

The Yankees are, rightly, proceeding as though Pettitte will not be part of their team. They have reportedly expressed interest in free-agent right-hander Jeremy Bonderman, among others, and are also still looking to try and bolster their bullpen -- possibly with someone like free-agent closer Rafael Soriano.