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Derek Jeter's Future -- A Center Field Of Dreams?

Derek Jeter, future Yankee center fielder?

In casual comments to fans Tuesday morning, general manager Brian Cashman raised the possibility that before his new four-year contract expires, the Yankee icon could move from shortstop to center field at nearly 40 years old—a move that would be unprecedented in the history of the game.

Mr. Cashman opined that he would "be surprised" if Mr. Jeter played out his entire four-year contract at shortstop, and said that a move to the outfield is more likely than a move to third base.

Daniel Barbarisi, Wall Street Journal

Lullaby Of Derek Jeter's Twilight

Hush little Derek, be a good sport
Cashman's gonna leave you (for now) at short
And when what's left of your range does yield
Cashman's gonna move you to center field
And when fly balls hit warning track clay
Cashman's gonna let you DH each day
And when getting you out becomes a cinch
Cashman's gonna let you hit - in a pinch
And when your at-bats make your own fans fear
Derek, answer this: why are you still here?