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Bartolo Colon Signs Minor-League Deal With New York Yankees

The New York Yankees have thus far not been able to convince the veteran starting pitcher they really want, Andy Pettitte, to continue pitching. So, the Yankees have reached into the way-back machine for another veteran who used to be a really good starting pitcher — Bartolo Colon.

Colon, 37, has reportedly signed a minor-league deal to compete for one of the two vacant spots in the Yankee rotation.

The best line about the signing comes from a tweet by ESPN New York’s Andrew Marchand, who said:

If Pettitte comes back, with [Mark] Prior and Colon, the Yankees are the favorites to win the 2003 Series.

Hilarious! Yes, Pettitte, Prior and Colon would have been quite the big three in 2003. Colon is currently little more than a low-risk gamble. He won the AL Cy Young Award back in 2005, but has gone just 14-21 with a 5.18 ERA since, while pitching for Anaheim, Boston and the Chicago White Sox.