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Seems Like Old Times For Yankees

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said he did not want to sign Rafael Soriano because he didn't feel paying closer money to the team's setup man made sense. And, in the end, Cashman said he did not participate in negotiations with Soriano's agent, Scott Boras.

"I didn't recommend [the deal]," Cashman said after the team officially introduced Soriano as its eighth-inning man in front of closer Mariano Rivera.

Cashman's statements were made after the formal introduction and not on the dais directly in front of Soriano.

-- Andrew Marchand,

(To the tune of "Seems Like Old Times")

Seems like old times

GM just observing

Seems like old times

Contracts undeserving

Still a thrill to see owners go around you

Figurehead, like you were when George first found you

Seems like old times

Billyball and Winfield

Seems like old times

Jeter on the infield

Making trades for you, shedding draft picks 'til you're blue

Seems like old times here with you