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Brian Cashman Really Wanted Carl Pavano? Unbelievable!

Brian Cashman did what? During the introductory press conference for newly-signed reliever Rafael Soriano, the New York Yankees general manager admitted trying to bring Carl Pavano back to the Bronx for 2011.

“I always felt Pav could pitch here if healthy,’’ Cashman said.”I don’t think he was afraid of coming back here either.’’

According to WFAN, Cashman went far enough to offer Pavano a one-year, $10-million deal.

Are you kidding me, Cash? Did some of your brain cells spill out when you went rappelling down a building a few weeks ago?

It’s no wonder that when Cashman balked at losing a first-round draft pick to sign Soriano, clearly the No. 1 remaining free agent pitcher, Hal Steinbrenner overruled him.

Maybe Cashman hasn’t lost credibility or authority inside the halls of the Yankee organization, but talking about bringing back Carl Pavano … Carl ‘Friggin’ Pavano!!! … and keeping draft picks rather than signing quality players will have fans thinking he’s lost his sanity.

Cashman did, at least, recognize that the Yankees are better with Soriano, who saved 45 games a season ago, than without him. Even though bringing Soriano to New York is not the decision he wanted to make.

“It’s not my team. I don’t own it. They do,” Cashman said. "I’m a big boy … In any job you better be prepared for every decision to not go your way. That’s part of being an employee.

“There were internal debates and discussions on it and disagreements in terms of how you should proceed and ultimately Hal’s in charge of making the final call in what he feels is the best direction at that timeframe. He made that call. This is Hal Steinbrenner’s and his family’s franchise. It’s not mine and it’s never been, obviously.

“I’m in charge of making recommendations and there’s a chain of command that certainly was followed. But this is not something that was done without me being aware of it. I had my say.”

One other thing Cashman is sticking to is that Joba Chamberlain will not be a starting pitcher.