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Rays 7, Yankees 2: Tampa Bay Cuts Into Lead

AJ Burnett looked decent tonight, only allowing one run through 3 innings but needing 51 pitches to get there. Then it rained. A lot. After 2 hours and 11 minutes, the game resumed, and Joe Girardi must have decided it was time to get his worst relievers some work. Ring...Moseley...Gaudin...Albaladejo. Rain or no rain, when these guys pitch 6 innings, your chances of winning aren't that great. They're even worse when you only manage 6 hits and 1 walk on offense.

If there's a bright side, Derek Jeter did have two hits, and is now 13-38 with 5 walks since his work with Kevin Long. It's a small sample, but this suggests that there have been some noticeable (and good) changes in terms of both ground balls and line drives. We'll take it.