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Poem: Cocoon In The Bronx

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Jeter's new contract signed for pretty penny

When it ends, he'll be as old as Jack Benny

Mo, too, inked deal for money quite weighty

And Mo, don't you know, is halfway to eighty

And don't forget, by the time A-Rod's deal's through

He'll be Yoda-like baseball age of forty-two

Posada is back, if Pettitte's not departed

There's two more in no danger of being carded

And now Yankees, thanks to Texas-fueled fears

Have gone and offered Cliff Lee seven years

When that contract ends, he'll be 38

As close to his peak as to fears from prostate

Yankees want rings, will pay any fee

But not the kind you find inside of a tree

Will age ruin Yankees? I wonder grimly

When all their key players look like Wilford Brimley