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Seven Years For Cliff Lee? Ridiculous

The Cliff Lee Sweepstakes appear to be getting out of hand -- way out of hand. According to ESPN's Buster Olney, Washington Nationals are getting ready to throw a "huge number" at Lee.

That number could include a ridiculous seven-year contract offer for Lee, who will be 32 next season. As Lee's agent, Derek Braunecker, said the other day "it's good to be Cliff Lee."

The Yankees met with Braunecker on Monday at the Winter Meetings. Apparently, no offer was made.

"I know what and where we’re willing to go," Cashman said.

Question is, will that include going to a seventh year? Lee would be 39 by the time a seven-year contract would run out -- a huge gamble. It seems the Nationals, who just dropped a seven-year, $126-million contract on outfielder Jayson Werth, have learned budget management from their neighbors in the federal government.

Obviously, Braunecker and Lee noticed the Werth contract.

"Obviously, it doesn’t hurt anything," Braunecker said. "The market is starting to establish itself for the elite players in this market. To me, I think Jayson Werth is a great player. I don’t view the contract as being exorbitant. "

Lee, of course, is the only true impact pitcher available on the market. Still, seven years seems insane.