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Yankees, Jeter Agree To Three-Year Deal

New York Yankees fans can relax for another three or possibly four seasons. 

According to reports from The New York Times and writer Michael S. Schmidt, the Yankees and star shortstop Derek Jeter have agreed to terms on a three-year deal.

"(The new contract will) guarantee him $15 million to $17 million a year for three years and include an option for a fourth year, according to a person in baseball briefed on the matter."  

"The agreement will include a 'creative hybrid-type option' for the fourth year that is “not vesting and is highly unusual,” the person said."

The YES Networks Jack Curry says the fourth year was crucial in getting the deal done.

"The fourth year of the deal was important to Jeter, who said in spring training that he wanted to play four or five more seasons. But the Yankees didn’t want to guarantee a fourth year to Jeter, who had the worst season of his career when he batted .270 in 2010 and who will turn 37 years old in June."  


It's been a two-week tug of war between the two sides but everything worked out for Yankees faithful.

Clearly, the Yankees had the advantage over the aging Jeter, who was asking for a four- to five-year deal between $23 and $24 million a year. Jeter's new contract isn't close to that asking price.

Either way, it's a win-win for New York fans who didn't want to see these negotiations drag on and Jeter back in pinstripes.

Now, onto the Winter Meetings and starting pitcher Cliff Lee.