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Yankee News & Rumors: Manny Ramirez, Johnny Damon

Manny Ramirez to the New York Yankees? I am not buying rumors of the Yankees interest in the temperamental free-agent slugger.

Reports of ‘internal discussions’ don’t mean there is real interest, that negotiations have or will take place and that the Yankees would really make an offer to the 38-year-old.

Yes, the Yankees have talked about adding a right-handed hitting outfielder to their roster. They lost reserves Marcus Thames to Japan and Austin Kearns to Cleveland, so there is a need for depth. There isn’t a need for a splashy signing like Ramirez.

The Yankees have given the DH job to Jorge Posada, and need someone willing to come off the bench and play occasionally.

That is also why it does not appear that Johnny Damon is likely to return to the Bronx. Damon, 37, would have to be willing to serve as the Yankees’ fourth outfielder, which he may not yet be willing to do. As I said previously, the Yankees would also prefer their extra outfielder to hit right-handed with lefty-swinging Curtis Granderson and Brett Gardner playing every day.

So, Ramirez and Damon are nice names to talk about during a winter in which the Yankees have not done much. They don’t seem realistic, however.