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Poem: Arms For Sale?

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(Sung to Love For Sale, and sung by Brian Cashman)

With betrayal costing us Cliff Lee
And Pettite looking like a retiree
And Greinke off to the Land of Cheese
We are displeased

We've got CC, Hughes, and three open seats
And our fans are cursing in their tweets
Right now, A.J. is our number three
Someone help me

Arms for sale?
Anybody have some decent arms for sale?
An arm that's fresh, an arm that's savvy
An arm that's not attached to Javy
Arms for sale?

We will buy!
We just cannot find a new supply
While we'd love a David Price
We'd settle for Schoeneweis
Arms for sale?

Let the fans desire arms
In their childish way
We know we require arms
Teams got in the way
How we want the thrill of arms
Sadly, market's chilled for arms
Zach's arm, Cliff's arm,
Both gave us a stiff-arm

Arms for sale?
Pretty please do you have arms for sale?
With our plan caught in a snarl
We're even contemplating Carl
Arms for sale?