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Cliff Lee Rumors: Will Somebody Make An Offer Already!

C'mon, people! Will somebody please get around to making a real contract offer for free-agent left-hander Cliff Lee? There are supposedly 'mystery' teams interested in the biggest catch in this offseason's free-agent market, but we all know it comes down to the New York Yankees or Texas Rangers.

The Yankees have visited with Lee, but general manager Brian Cashman is busy rappeling off buildings. Oh, and dealing with that selfish old shortstop ... what's his name? Oh, Derek Jeter. Yeah, that guy. And trying to re-sign geezer closer Mariano Rivera.

The Rangers? Their big-wigs traveled to Arkansas Wednesday for a nice little sitdown with Lee. They came away saying they were "continuing to advance the process."

Huh? C'mon, people. Somebody put a contract offer on the table already. It's the first week in December and no one has even put a real dollar figure in front of the biggest difference-maker in the free-agent market. What the heck? Let's get moving on this, people! George Steinbrenner would never have stood for this nonsense!

Let's go. Type out the piece of paper that says "five years, $115 million," ask Mr. Lee if he will kindly take a pen to your pretty little piece of paper with Rangers/Yankees logos on it and at least get the friggin' bidding started.

Are you out there, Cash? How about you, Nolan Ryan? This isn't a tea party or a social hour. Let's get moving, gang. This is the baseball offseason, the hot stove, the free-agent frenzy and ... and ... and nothing.

Somebody do something already! Or, are you just waiting for Santa to magically drop Lee under your Christmas tree? Because, umm, fellas that isn't going to happen.