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YES's Jack Curry Provides Insight On Jeter Meetings With Yankees

On Wednesday night, YES's Jack Curry posted on his blog details on what went on during Tuesday's meetings between the Yankees and shortstop Derek Jeter.

"Although Jeter and the Yankees didn't come close to an agreement on Tuesday, people who have been briefed on the discussion said it was a vital development in the negotiations," wrote Curry. "The meeting enabled the Yankees to reiterate that they wanted Jeter and allowed Jeter to reiterate that he wanted to finish his career as a Yankee. After the verbal sparring over Jeter's value, delivering those words face-to-face was important to igniting the stagnant talks."

"Since the Yankees have offered Jeter $15 million a year and Jeter has asked for $23 million, some observers have proposed that the sides should split the difference and settle on $19 million. The Yankees don't want to do that because they feel that they would be bidding against themselves. There hasn't been a team that has publicly expressed interest in signing Jeter. The Dodgers and Giants recently signed Juan Uribe and Miguel Tejada, respectively, as their shortstops. Also, the Yankees don't want to inflate their offer simply because Jeter's side has asked for such a lucrative salary."

Earlier in his post, Curry points out that Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki signed an extension worth about $15.7 million over the next 10 seasons. That deal would trump the Yankees initial offer to Jeter.