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Cliff Lee Gets 'Menu Of Multiple Offers' From Texas Rangers

The Texas Rangers have visited with Cliff Lee one final time and made their offer to the free-agent left-hander. Now all the Rangers and New York Yankees can do is wait for Lee to make his decision.

New York … Texas … New York … Texas. Where will Lee go? For the Yankees, their ability to compete with upgraded Boston Red Sox in the American League East, and probably with the Rangers should Lee not come to the Bronx, hangs in the balance.

The Rangers apparently presented Lee with a “menu of multiple offers” for him to sift through. The Yankees have put a seven-year offer on the table for Lee, probably for close to the same $161 million that current Yankees ace left-hander CC Sabathia is earning. The teams apparently expect Lee to take a few days to make his decision.

Whatever that choice is, it will shape the American League power structure for the next season or two.