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Chris Young To Mets? Possible, But Does Not Seem Imminent

Are the New York Mets close to a free-agent deal with starting Chris Young, or aren't they? Well, it depends on what reports you believe.

Whether they are close to a deal with Young or not, the news  for me is that the Mets are actually doing SOMETHING in the free-agent market. Even if it isn't a big something, it's something. Much has been of the Mets finances and the fact that they really do not have the financial ability to be big players in the market this offseason.

A move for a low-cost pitcher like Young, though, makes sense. A 6-foot-10 right-hander, Young has a career record of 48-34 with a 3.80 ERA in six seasons with Texas and San Diego. The 31-year-old started only four games last season due to shoulder problems, but GM Sandy Alderson and assistant Paul DePodesta are familiar with him from their days in San Diego.

Young has not started more than 18 games in any of the past three seasons, and reports indicate any deal with him would be a low-risk deal that would likely be incentive-laden. Pitching is always at a premium, and Young has in the past been at least a quality middle of the rotation type starter. If the Mets can bring him in maybe they get lucky like they did last season with R.A. Dickey, who had a career, winning 11 games.

Chris Young

#32 / Pitcher / San Diego Padres





May 25, 1979