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Yankees Lose Vazquez, But Lee Could Be On The Horizon

The New York Yankees lost one starting pitcher to free agency over the weekend when Javier Vazquez signed with the Florida Marlins. The Yankees hope to be hooking a much bigger fish soon, though, and reports indicate that action on prized left-hander Cliff Lee could heat up this week.

Per ESPN, Lee’s agent, Derek Braunecker, indicated that Lee could meet with as many as three teams this week. It is widely assumed that anyone Lee meets with other than the Yankees or Texas Rangers, who he pitched for at the end of the 2010 season, is just window dressing. Lee will either stay in Texas or pitch for the Yankees.

As for Vazquez, I’m not sure I agree that he is one of the worst Yankees of all time, but the Yankees certainly will not miss him. Vazquez went 10-10 with a horrid 5.32 ERA for the Yankees in 2010. The ESPN piece is full of several other amazing nuggets to show how bad Vazquez has been in two Yankee stints.