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Yankees, Girardi Make Return Official

The New York Yankees made it official today — Joe Girardi will be back in the dugout for the team in 2011.

The Yankees announced Friday that Girardi will return as manager through the 2013 season after agreeing to terms on a deal, worth $9 million, representing a pay raise from his previous contract.

The contract terms, which were confirmed by The Associated Press, also include bonuses of $500,000 per year if the Yankees win the World Series.

In his three seasons at the helm, Girardi has managed New York to a 287-199 record. Although he expressed bitter disappointment at this year’s ALCS exit, Girardi said he was looking forward to returning in 2011.

“I love being here. I’ve loved working here,” Girardi said. “It’s a great work environment, a great relationship with the front office and everyone involved, the players and coaches. So I want to be back.”

The next order of business for General Manager Brian Cashman will be replacing pitching coach Dave Eiland.