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Heyman: Girardi Will Manage Yankees In 2011

Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated wrote today that Joe Girardi will return as manager of the New York Yankees in 2011.

Girardi’s contract expires whenever the Yankees are done playing this season, which could be as early as tonight. There had previously been speculation that Girardi would manage the Cubs next season, although that is no longer possible since the team has named Mike Quade its skipper.

Here is Heyman on Girardi and the Yankees:

The Yankees plan to bring back manager Joe Girardi at a raise, no matter what some fans may say about his reliance on his ever-present binder. He is well-liked by Yankees honchos Hal Steinbrenner, Randy Levine and Brian Cashman. Girardi hasn’t been great in the ALCS, though, as he got greedy by staying too long in Game 4 with A.J. Burnett, who has been brutal and was pitching on 17 days’ rest. Burnett should have been removed after five very good innings, rather than be left in to try to pitch out of a sixth-inning jam.

Girardi, undeniably has his flaws. He relies on his binder and his stats more than on his eyes or feel for the game. Question is, though, who would the Yankees turn to if they did not bring Girardi back? Off the top of my head I cannot come up with a logical replacement.