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ALCS Game 6: Three Reasons The Yankees Can Beat The Rangers Tonight

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The New York Yankees are in Arlington tonight to face the Texas Rangers in Game 6 of the American League Championship Series.

The Yankees, of course, trail 3-2 in the series and are playing their second straight elimination game. They staved off elimination Wednesday with a 7-2 victory over Game 5.

Here are three reasons the Yankees can win tonight, forcing a Game 7 meeting with Rangers' ace Cliff Lee.

  1. Colby Lewis is pitching for Texas: Colby Lewis, not Lee or even C.J. Wilson. Lewis, 31, had the best season of his journeyman career this year, going 12-13. Those 12 wins are half of his career total over parts of six big-league seasons dating back to 2002. Lewis gave up two runs in 5.2 innings in Game 2, but the Yankee should be happier to see him than any other Texas starter.
  2. Thursday was on off day: That means the Yankees have a completely fresh bullpen. If manager Joe Girardi needs to extend Kerry Wood and Mariano Rivera for two innings apiece they are both rested and ready to do that. Plus, Girardi knows he can use CC Sabathia for an inning or two if there is a Game 7.
  3. The Rangers have not been here before: Texas has, at times, made the Yankees look old in this series. Experience, though, sometimes comes in handy. The Rangers are on the cusp of something their franchise has never done, and you know they are aware of it. The Yankees, on the other hand, have been here before. The moment is not too big for them.