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Tim Cahill Trade: Thierry Henry Says Cahill Will Be 'Great Asset'

Everton has admitted it is transferring Tim Cahill to the New York Red Bulls. The Red Bulls, however, have not yet admitted they are acquiring Cahill as their third designated player.

New York Red Bulls start Thierry Henry, however, isn't playing coy. He said that Cahill will be a "great asset" to the Red Bulls once the midfielder passes his physical.

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"Talking about Tim Cahill, he’s going to be great," Henry said ahead of the MLS All-Star Game on Wednesday. "We’re going to have to wait for him to go through the medical. He’s going to be a great asset for us and also for the league.

"If you saw the guy play the way he plays, I love the commitment and I always loved his commitment," he added. "He’s great in the box, his headers are unbelievable. He fights back to the net and his football IQ is great also. Hopefully that can be a plus for us."

Cahill, 32, has played for Everton in the Premier League since the 2004-05 season. He had 56 goals and 29 assists for Everton and has 107 goals and 66 assists in a professional career that began in 1997-98.