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Thierry Henry Loan: Red Bulls Striker's Goal Saves The Day For Arsenal

New York Red Bulls striker Thierry Henry came through in the clutch again during his loan to Arsenal. Henry's latest goal for the Gunners (his club leading 229th all-time) came in stoppage time against Sunderland with the score tied 1-1. The 2-1 win for Arsenal, combined with Chelsea's 2-0 loss to Everton and Landon Donovan, propelled Arsenal into the top four of the English Premier League Table.

While not ruling out a future return to Arsenal for his striker, Red Bulls head coach Hans Backe reiterated that Henry will join his side in Arizona on Feb. 17.

About the possibility of another Arsenal stint, Henry said, "If Arsenal need some help one day, I will be around," Henry told BBC Sport following the match. "You can never say never," he added regarding whether or not he'd played his last Premier League match with the Gunners. "I felt just like a kid who scores his first goal for the team he loves." (via MLS

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