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Henry Stays Hot In Comeback Draw

The New York Red Bulls were down twice in this game. Both times they managed to pull the game level, but never found a way to get on top.

There were some positives in the draw, however, and the biggest one was the continued resurgence of Thierry Henry.

The French striker scored his sixth MLS goal in the draw, it’s his sixth goal in as many games. Henry is obviously the biggest name on this team and, despite a rough start and an injury riddle last season, Henry has really stepped up for the Red Bulls thus far.

The best part for New York? His goals have been big goals. They haven’t been the fourth goal in a 5-0 rout, or the only goal in a 5-1 defeat. The goals have been to take the lead, tie the game or bring the Red Bulls back to within sniffing range.

That’s what you want out of your star player. That’s what the Red Bulls are getting out of Henry right now.

You don’t need us to tell you that New York’s success will hinge on Henry. And it’s a really good sign to see him back from his injury, and still playing so effectively, right after it happened.

Now the Red Bulls need to focus on getting prepared to play without a few key players due to national duties because of the Gold Cup.

But if Henry keeps playing the way he has, it won’t matter who’s on the pitch.