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Chivas USA 3, Red Bulls 2

Any night in which Thierry Henry and Dwayne De Rosario tally goals, one would expect the New York Red Bulls to usually walk away with a victory three points.


Not, however, when Chivas USA forward Justin Braun notches a hat trick.

Braun tallied three goals, sandwiched by two first-half strikes from Henry and De Rosario, to help Chivas earn the upset.

Henry’s goal was his fifth in as many matches, and despite the loss, it’s an encouraging sign that the French striker is finding the back of the net with a level of consistency. The Red Bulls will most likely go where Henry takes them this season, and five goals and three assists in five games in a good sign.

De Rosario’s first goal as a Red Bull came from a penalty kick in the 35th minute. De Rosario was a big-time acquisition this season by New York, and thus far he hasn’t made much of an impact. Hopefully this goal gets his going.

As for the Red Bulls. It was their first loss in five matches, and it’s a tough loss to swallow after hanging with Los Angeles just a week ago.

They’ll have to bounce back, and fast, because the MLS certainly won’t wait for them.