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Arsenal Reportedly Offer Loan Deal To Red Bulls Striker Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry reportedly offered a deal for a two-month loan to Arsenal.

New York Red Bulls striker Thierry Henry had been previously rumored to rejoin his old side Arsenal on a two-month loan. Now, it appears we are beyond the rumor stage as Henry has reportedly been offered a deal for a loan (via Daily Mail).

Henry has already been training with Arsenal this offseason and the Red Bulls 2012 campaign does not begin until March. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger decided to bring Henry back for the loan as Marouane Chamakh and Gervinho will soon be playing for their home countries in the Africa Cup of Nations. If he agrees to the loan, Henry will be used in a backup role to Robin van Persie.

Henry could make appearances in up to seven EPL matches if he takes the deal. He would also be available for appearances in the FA Cup and the first leg of the Champions League against AC Milan.

Henry played for Arsenal from 1999-2007 and scored a club-record 226 goals.

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