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Thierry Henry Loan Rumor: Red Bulls Striker Could Rejoin Arsenal, According To Report

According to a report, New York Red Bulls striker Thierry Henry could rejoin Arsenal on loan.

Getty Images for New York Red Bu

Almost a week from the day that New York Red Bulls GM Erik Solér maintained that none of his players would be going out on loan, a loan rumor has popped up regarding striker Thierry Henry.

Could Henry be ready to return to his former team Arsenal on loan?

Just last week, Solér said this:

"This always comes up when we have an offseason," he said. "We have no plans of loaning any players anywhere. Thierry's working out at Arsenal to stay fit. We're happy that he's doing so, but he's coming back." (via MLS

The Times of London is reporting that Henry might make a shocking return to his old club Arsenal for a one-month loan. Henry would be a backup for Robin van Persie (via The Week). Arsenal needs another striker temporarily as Marouane Chamakh and Gervinho will return to their home countries next month to participate in the Africa Cup of Nations.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said about the potential loan:

"At the moment, Thierry Henry just practises with us. "I cannot tell you even if there is a chance [of a deal] because... I haven't been concrete on the case." (via The Week)

Henry played for Arsenal from 1999-2007 and scored a club-record 226 goals. He has played the past two seasons for the Red Bulls.

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