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Red Bulls Draft Wayne Rooney's Brother

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First Henry, then Marquez, now Rooney has joined the Red Bulls.

John Rooney, that is.

The younger and lesser-known brother of Manchester United's Wayne Rooney was picked up by New York on Tuesday in the 2011 MLS SuperDraft.

The Red Bulls' second-round selection - and the 25th pick overall - Rooney is set to play the upcoming MLS season after two years with English League Two (fourth division) team Macclesfield Town FC.

Here is a poetic look at the selection:

The track record of fame's siblings inspires fear
There's failed Roger Clinton, Carter's Billy Beer
The first brother, Cain, was famously unstable
(Much to chagrin of the victimized Abel)
In sports, the results are even more extreme
Think how much Ozzie Canseco helped a team
While Henry Aaron topped the Sultan of Swat
In homers, his hermano Tommie did squat
And though Joltin' Joe hit, fielded, threw like a prince
The same cannot be said for his brother Vince
So though Wayne Rooney was unstoppable force
Don't rely on bloodlines to bet on a horse
John will still need to secure his own place
Despite his extremely familiar name and face
That brothers diverge, for Red Bulls, consoles
After all, this year Wayne has scored only two goals