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Rick Nash Rumors: Columbus' Asking Price Not Dropping

The NHL offseason is dragging on, the New York Rangers still need to add scoring and the price for Columbus Blue Jackets star forward Rich Nash continues to be insanely high. Blue Jackets general manager Scott Howson wants "some NHL forwards back first and foremost." [via Pro Hockey Talk]

"I have a value that I've placed on Rick and that our whole organization has placed on Rick," Howson said. "He's an elite player, he's been a tremendous ambassador for our franchise and our city and we're very comfortable with the value we've placed on him and until we get that value, we're going to keep working away at it."

SB Nation's Blueshirt Banter termed Howson's asking price "ridiculous."

Writes the Banter's Bryan Winters:

"Nash is a proven 30-40 goal scorer and all of that jazz, but just image the impact it would have on any team that were to acquire his services. They're not looking for your typical third line players, all of your prospects, or boat loads of draft picks, they want youth that can provide a spark right now. Just imagine giving up half, if not, your entire second line to get Rick Nash. What did it really fix? Sure you added your goal scorer, but look at the other holes that were just busted wide open after the trade went down."