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2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs, Capitals Vs. Rangers: More Insight From Triple OT Thriller

Game three between the New York Rangers and Washington Capitals was so epic that we figured why stop re-living it now?

So, with an assist from our trusty SB Nation network of blogs, here's a little more insight and reaction from New York's big W.

Via Blueshirt Banter (who went to bed smiling):

- Wow. Just wow. I've never seen a triple overtime game before, and I'm betting most of you guys haven't either. What a game. Then again, it's not a game you appreciate until it's over. I got multiple texts from friends during the game asking me how much fun this game was. My response: "This isn't fun, I'm miserable." And I was, until ...

And, with a slightly less enthused reaction, here's a clip from Japers Rink:

When a team tries to turn every game into a coin-flip, as Dale Hunter's team has done rather successfully through the first nine games of this year's post-season, success is largely predicated upon three factors: 1) limiting mental mistakes; 2) not allowing bad goals; and 3) not losing (preferably winning) the special teams battle.

Make sure to check out both sites for more insight and information, as they will continue to have the series covered like a blanket.

For all news and information regarding the New York Rangers, please visit Blueshirt Banter. For complete coverage of the 2012 Stanley Cup playoffs, stay tuned to SB Nation's dedicated NHL hub.