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Adam Henrique: Game-Winning Goal 'One You Dream About'

Playoff series-winning goals are getting to be old hat for Adam Henrique of the New Jersey Devils. The 22-year-old rookie scored the game-winner in overtime Friday night as the Devils won, 3-2, to oust the New York Rangers in six games in the NHL Eastern Conference Finals. Henrique also had the game-winner in Game 7 of the opening round against the Florida Panthers in double overtime.

“That was Johnny on the spot for that one, I guess. Kovalchuk and Poni did a good job in front. I was sitting there. I couldn’t see the puck. I knew it was down, and I was just praying it was going to come under his pad,” said Henrique. “It’s a big one. It’s one you dream about.”

Henrique and the Devils hope there are more thrills for them against the Los Angeles Kings in a Stanley Cup Finals series that will begin Wednesday night.

“There’s still more ahead. We’re not done yet. We haven’t really won anything,” said Henrique. “It’s a long ride. And this is ‑‑ every kid dreams of playing in the Stanley Cup Finals. And we have a chance to win.”

Yes, they do. And the 22-year-old kid had a lot to do with getting the Devils that chance.