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2012 NHL Playoffs, Rangers Vs. Devils Game 5: John Tortorella Will 'Pray' For Offense

Through four games of the 2012 NHL Eastern Conference Finals goals have been tough to come by for the New York Rangers. Among the Rangers top six regular-season scorers, only Ryan Callahan has a goal against in the series against the New Jersey Devils. And that was an empty-netter.

So, what is New York head coach John Tortorella going to do about the lack of offense, especially from his stars?

“Pray. I don’t know what else to tell you. We’re going to keep on trying to play, pray, and hopefully something good happens to them,” Tortorella said Tuesday.

Tortorella did, however, reiterate a point he has been making recently — that his team needs to do a better job with the puck.

“I think the series right now is that we’re simply not‑‑ we don’t have the puck enough. Jersey has the puck a lot more minutes than we do. I think that’s something we need to try to change,” Tortorella said. “It’s a combination of a number of things. It’s getting out of your end clean. It’s holding on to pucks in their end when they have opportunities.t comes just within your play. So there’s no one particular thing. But it has been a series so far of them having the puck a lot more than we have.”