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Devils 4, Rangers 1: John Tortorella Post-Game Reaction [VIDEO]

After watching his New York Rangers get dismantled by the New Jersey Devils, 4-1, in Game 4 of the NHL Eastern Conference Finals it might have been reasonable to expect the usually short with the media Rangers coach John Tortorella to be terse in his post-game reaction. Surprisingly, Tortorella was fairly expansive in his answers after watching the Devils knot the best-of-seven series, 2-2.

A fairly compliant Tortorella bristled only when asked about his in-game shouting match with Devils coach Peter DeBoer, saying "I'm not going to answer any questions on that."

In reference to his team's performance in Game 4 Tortorella was primarily concerned about his team's propensity for turning the puck over in its own end.

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"We have to hold on to some pucks. We had opportunities. We had the yips with us. We just gave it back to them, and they just progressed with their forecheck and momentum comes their way," Tortorella said. "It was a struggle for a number of our guys. But we have to move by it. We have to have a short‑term memory."

See the full interview below. You can read the full interview transcript at ASAP Sports.