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2012 NHL Playoffs, Rangers Vs. Capitals: John Tortorella's Game 6 Press Conference A Keeper

New York Rangers coach John Tortorella has a reputation for being notoriously short in his postgame press conferences, so it's no surprise that he failed to be long-winded in the moments after the Washington Capitals beat New York in Game 6 Wednesday night to force a Game 7.

During a press conference that lasted about as long as one Sergio Garcia golf shot, Tortorella often cut off reporters midway through questions. He said one span of the game "sucked," answered a simple "no" to multiple questions, refused to comment on individual players, and at one point grabbed his face as if to say, "Man, these reporters are real imbeciles."

If you want to hear more of Tortorella at his finest, you're probably in luck. If the Rangers lose Game 7, he should be in rare (or for him, relatively common) form again. And if they win, we'll have at least one more round of Tortorella pressers to look forward to.

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