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NHL Power Rankings: Rangers Stick At No. 1, While Devils Move To No. 9, Islanders to No. 23

It's been two weeks since SB Nation New York reported on the latest NHL power rankings. Games have also been played during the current week, which are certain to affect the newest version. Currently, though, things are looking up for the NY-area teams. The New York Rangers continued their hold of the top spot, while the New Jersey Devils continued to creep up into No. 9 and the New York Islanders to No. 23 in Real Clear Sports' standings.

For those who are new, RCS averages the rankings of six major media outlets.

From the Tuesday, Jan. 31 to Monday, Feb. 6 span from which these rankings are based, the Blueshirts earned five points in six games. The week began with two road games. They fell to New Jersey in a shootout, 4-3, defeated the Buffalo Sabres in a shootout, 1-0, and beat up on the Philadelphia Flyers, 5-2. The Devils, meanwhile, went 4-0, with victories over the Rangers, Montreal Canadiens, 5-3, Flyers, 6-4, and Penguins, 5-2, -- three games played at home. The Islanders also earned five of six points, with their only loss being to the Sabres, 4-3 in a shootout. They topped the Carolina Hurricanes, 5-2, and Ottawa Senators in overtime, 2-1, both games played on the road.

The week is nearly finished, but in terms of when these rankings are released, we're midway through. The locals should still be pretty happy about their play. The Rangers fell to New Jersey, 1-0, and edged the Tampa Bay Lightning, 4-3, in overtime, and they have two more games left this week. The Devils began the week with a win against the Rangers and recently were defeated, 4-3, in a shootout by the St. Louis Blues. They have one more game to play. Finally, the Islanders began their week with a 1-0 shootout victory over the Flyers, but fell to Montreal, 4-2. They also have two games left in the week.