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NHL Draft 2011: Trading Down A Possibility For Sather, Rangers

With the 2011 NHL Entry Draft just days away more and more information is pouring out over the New York Rangers draft strategy.

And one of the ideas that has been tossed around was the possibility Glen Sather trades down on draft day if the prospects Gordie Clark and the Rangers are targeting aren’t available.

Obviously the main goal of trading down would be to acquire another pick in the second round. The Rangers lack any second and third round picks in this year’s draft; but used their two second round picks on Tim Erixon – a player who Clark told ANdrew Gross would have went eighth or ninth overall if he re-entered the draft.


From Andrew’s story:

Clark did not rule out making a trade to acquire some extra picks, particularly in the second round, if when it comes time to pick at No. 15 there’s not one of their main targets left on the board. Unlike last year, when the Rangers went into the draft knowing they wanted to take bruising defenseman Dylan McIlrath at No. 10, Clark said they had "no real plan like that" but, if all things were equal, he’s probably leaning toward taking a forward.

Don’t expect a trade (if Sather does end up trading down) to happen until players start coming off the board. With a plethora of defensive talent in the top-15 picks, there is a possibility that teams will snatch them up early, allowing a quality player to fall into the Rangers’ lap.

Either way, it will be an interesting day at the draft.