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NHL Power Rankings 2011: Rangers Soar; Devils, Islanders Fill Bottom-Third

A look at how the regional teams fared in the weekly NHL Power Rankings

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A month's worth of games is still not enough to make grand proclamations about the destiny of an NHL team, but it's still human nature to rank those we think are the best. Real Clear Sports has again done the honors, averaging the rankings from seven of the best hockey media sources on the web to create a single streamlined one. The latest 'standings' are two-sided for the New York-area teams: the New York Rangers surged to No. 11, while the New Jersey Devils fell to No. 22 -- maybe undeservedly -- and New York Islanders (No. 28) continued to tumble.

The Blueshirts (7-3-3) are beginning to hit their stride as they won all three of the games they played during the week. They played a tight defensive game against the Ducks, winning 2-1 in a shootout, then dominated the Canadiens, 5-3, and the Jets, 3-0. It's a surprise that New Jersey (6-5-1) fell one spot in the rankings this week because it managed two wins -- barely -- this week. Maybe the fact that the Devils couldn't put a team like the Jets away negatively affected them, though they did win 3-2 in overtime. They began the week with a 5-3 loss to the Maple Leafs and a 4-3 shootout victory over the Flyers. The Islanders (4-6-2) had an impressive defeat over the Capitals, 5-3, but that was sandwiched in between two underwhelming performances against the Jets and Bruins in which they were outscored 9-2.

The team-high rankings for each squad: the Rangers got No.5 ranking from TSN, the Devils' highest was CBC Sports' 19, and the Islanders' best was No. 21 from TSN.

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