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Wojtek Wolski Trade Reaction: A Good Move ... If Wolski Plays Hard

Over at SB Nation’s New York Rangers website, Blueshirt Banter, the folks are so happy about Monday’s trade that they have named today ‘Wojtek Wolski Day’ over at the Banter.

The site is running a poll which currently shows 97 percent support for the trade that sent Michael Rozsival to Phoenix for Wolski.

Here is part of the Banter’s commentary, which does recognize that Wolski is not having a great season.

Wojtek (also, use this thread for possible nicknames – I got nothin’ right now) has had quite the young NHL career so far. Turning 25 in late February 2011, Wolski has never been below 0.54 PPG – which was good for 14 goals and 42 points over 78 games on an Avalanche team that finished 28th overall in the league. His NHL Equivalency numbers are beauties, averaging 1.3 PPG in 253 OHL games over 4 seasons with the Brampton Battalion. This gives us an average NHL season of 0.56 PPG, or 46 points over 82 games. What’s really juicy about Wolski to me is his NHLe ceiling: his best OHL season was his last where he scored 128 points in 56 games or otherwise good for a 2.29 PPG. This puts Wolski PPG ceiling in the NHL at 0.98, or 81 points over 82 games. Yes please, where do I sign?

CBS New York likes the deal, even while recognizing that Wolski comes to the Rangers with a reputation for not always giving his best effort.

I am not going to sit here and tell you that this deal is going to put the Rangers over the top. It isn’t. But it was a smart move that makes the Rangers better.

Best case scenario is Wolski comes in here, scores 15 goals the rest of the way and helps the Rangers get into the playoffs and beyond. The worst case scenario is the Rangers get nothing but $1.2 million of open cap space.

I think we’d all agree that that is a win-win scenario.

The Denver Post is looking forward to seeing how the relationship between Wolski and demanding Rangers coach John Tortorella develops.

This should be fun to watch. I’ll bring the popcorn.
Here’s my prediction: Wolski will play well at first, score some goals, say how much he loves New York and Torts will say stuff like “Wow, this guy is great. I know he’s fallen out of favor a couple other places, but we’ve got zero complaints with this guy.”

And then, after a while, Wolski will start to feel comfortable. And that’s when the trouble will start.

Your thoughts, Rangers fans?