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New York Sports Notes: Are You Kidding Me Edition

It is Friday afternoon, so let's go poking around the Inter-Google for stories relating to the New York sports scene.

The New York Post says the New York Rangers are clearly the kings of the local hockey scene.

To which I saw well, duh! C'mon guys, did it take a Harvard degree to figure that one out? The 5-13-5 Islanders are the worst team in the league. The 8-15-2 Devils are shell-shocked by how bad they are. The Rangers are 15-11-1 and are the only decent team of the bunch. So, yeah, they are the kings of the local hockey scene. By default. Not because they are incredibly good.

Tell us something we couldn't figure out on our own, gang.

The Football Scientist is trying to build a case for how having Rex Ryan as coach actually hurts the New York Jets. Because of his coaching, not because of his mouth. The guy can spin this any way he wants, but I'm not buying. Love it or hate it, the Jets are what they are because of the swagger and in-your-face attitude Ryan brought to this perennial also-ran franchise. The Jets feel like they are good enough to win the big prize, and they just might be. That is because of Ryan.

New York Baseball Digest looks at players who were non-tendered to see which New York teams might make the most sense as landing spots. No question I can see Hideki Okajima coming out of the Yankee bullpen as a late-inning lefty, but a lot of the other stuff is not happening.

AOL Fanhouse is covering old ground talking about the demeanor of Giants coach Tom Coughlin. The guy has changed a lot over the years and I don't see where this piece brought anything new to light about the veteran taskmaster. He's a sourpuss. He's a terrific. He used to have a hard time getting along with players, but he has learned to do that. We knew all this already.