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SB Nation NHL Power Rankings Week 3

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SB Nation has come out with its power rankings for the NHL in week three. Only bad news for the New Jersey Devils this week. Let's dive right into it: 

New Jersey Devils: For the second week in a row the New Jersey Devils (2-6-1) were serenaded with last place honors. The Devils, who benched Ilya Kovalchuk two games ago, still can't seem to find any cohesive play, and are suffering an identity crisis because of it. Here is what SB Nation had to say about the Devils: 

We don't even have to write this because you already know, but Ilya Kovalchuk got paid to drink Sprite and eat popcorn on Saturday night.

Can't really disagree here, the Devils have not been playing good hockey thus far. 

New York Rangers: The Rangers, who finished in 11th last week, jumped all the way to seventh place this week. The Rangers -- who are 4-2-1 -- have just come off three straight wins against the Toronto Maple Leafs (ranked 5th), the Boston Bruins (ranked 2nd) and the Devils (ranked 15th). It's a good showing from them. Here is what SB Nation had to say about the Rangers: 

Martin Biron has filled in nicely when Henrik Lundqvist has needed a rest early this season. That could be a great match on Broadway.

It's a nice jump for the Rangers, who have played much better this week. 

New York Islanders: The Islanders were the only team who dropped in the rankings this week, falling from the 5th spot to the 6th. The Islanders are still playing great hockey considering that they have so many injuries, something that SB Nation agrees with: 

The Islanders are likely playing over their injured little heads, but hard work can beat listless talent on a lot of nights in the NHL.

OK guys, there you have it. Thoughts?