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MLB Draft: First-Round Pick Gavin Cecchini Reaches Deal With New York Mets

The New York Mets on Thursday night came to terms with first-round pick Gavin Cecchini, according to The high school shortstop is expected to take a physical, and that's likely when the financial details will be released.

Cecchini, the 12th-overall pick, was committed to the University of Mississippi, but that wasn't expected to be any sort of hindrance on a potential contract. Under the new collective bargaining agreement, the MLB-advised slot value for this pick is $2.55 million. Add in the fact that the new CBA-imposed deadline for draft picks is now July 13, as opposed to August 15, and teams are able to reach agreements quicker with its selections. The Mets signed their top pick last season, Brandon Nimmo, the 13th pick, minutes before the deadline.The Astros also inked first-overall pick Carlos Correa on Thursday when quite often those players end up agreeing at the last second as well.

Cecchini is a speedy shortstop with great instincts who hit .413 with seven home runs, 32 RBI and 31 steals during his senior season at Barbe High School in Louisiana. The 18-year-old should be able to stick at shortstop but will be an up-the-middle infielder, regardless. He's a contact hitter with little power potential, and it seems like the Mets made a "safe" pick here as scouting reports suggest Cecchini has a high floor, but not the highest ceiling. That being said, everyday shortstops are hard to come by and Cecchini could hold a lot of value as he rises through the system.

The best part of him joining the Mets so quickly is that he can immediately begin his Mets career, instead of waiting a month and delaying the process. That extra time, even in the lowest minor-league levels can be very beneficial for a young player's development, especially one straight out of high school.