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Mets No-Hitter: Fans Charged With Misdemeanors After Celebrating On Citi Field

A lot of New York Mets fans were caught up in the excitement of Johan Santana's no-hitter Friday night against the St. Louis Cardinals. However, no fans were as excited as Rafael Diaz and John Ries, who both decided to jump onto the field and celebrate with Santana and the rest of the New York Mets.

Well, the first-hand experience of the event, which no other Mets pitcher has ever been a part of, came at a price Sunday, as both were charged with misdemeanors in a Queens, NY courtroom. The officials chargers were listed as trespassing and entering the field of a sports event.

Diaz and Ries face up to a year in jail. But with previously clean records, they’ll almost certainly get only a fine and probation.

After being arrested, both fans spent 34 hours in custody and are expected back in court July 2.

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