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R.A. Dickey's No-Hitter Appeal Denied, According To Reports

Major League Baseball denied the New York Mets' appeal to make R.A. Dickey's one-hitter a no-hitter on Friday, according to multiple reports.

Dickey threw a 12-strikeout, complete-game one-hitter in a 9-1 defeat of the Tampa Bay Rays on Wednesday night. The Mets appealed on the grounds that B.J. Upton's first-inning single off Dickey should have been ruled an error on New York third baseman David Wright.

Via Newsday, Dickey said that earning a no-hitter retroactively would have been "a little bit cheap."

"It would be weird," Dickey said Thursday morning. "I don't know if it would be quite as satisfying. I think the asterisk beside the no-hitter would get more attention than the no-hitter, you know?

"Plus, you're not pitching the eighth, ninth inning with the pressure of a no-hitter going. It would be a little bit cheap. But, for the integrity of the game, I think it's worthy of a review, just to make sure."

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