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New York Mets Plan To Appeal R.A. Dickey 1-Hitter

The New York Mets may have their second no-hitter of the season, depending on what Major League Baseball has to say about the matter. R.A. Dickey allowed just one hit in a 9-1 complete game win over the Tampa Bay Rays on Wednesday night, but that hit may have really been an error. The Mets plan to appeal the official scorer's decision to credit B.J. Upton with an infield single, according to a report from ESPN.

Third baseman David Wright tried to barehand Upton's hit but failed, resulting in what many viewed as an error on Wright. Manager Terry Collins said after the game that the team would appeal the decision, something he and Dickey acknowledged could be futile.

"We're probably not going to win it," Collins said. "David tried to make it. It's B.J. running. But what the heck? What have you got to lose except to have somebody say no? You've got an All-Star third baseman who comes in and tries to make a play."

If the Mets' appeal is successful, it would be the second no-hitter in the history of the franchise, coming nearly two weeks after Johan Santana's on June 1. Of course, that outing was given an asterisk by the St. Louis Cardinals, the victims of Santana's no-no. Some felt that Santana got the benefit of a call on a hit that landed fair but was called a foul.

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