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Ike Davis Illness: Mets First Baseman May Have Valley Fever

According to Marty Noble of, New York Mets first baseman, Ike Davis, has contracted an illness called 'Valley Fever', which is also called 'Desert Fever'.

Davis is not the picture of health. He has, in fact, contracted Valley or Desert Fever, a malady that can interfere with a season and even end a career.

His illness has set off no alarms in the Mets' camp. Truth be told, the diagnosis is not a topic of public discussion or much private dialouge. But there is an awareness, and, behind that, a concern.

There's been no official diagnosis, because blood tests that Davis took a week and a half ago have yet to return. Regardless, no one is quite sure on what 'Valley' or 'Desert' Fever is.

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