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Family Of New York Mets Owner Fred Wilpon To Pay $162 Million In Bernie Madoff Case

Fred Wilpon and his family will pay $162 million to liquidator Irving Picard to finally settle the Bernie Madoff case.

After a long and drawn out process to determine the Wilpon's fate in the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme, it's finally come to a conclusion.

The New York Mets owners will pay $162 million to settle the case brought against them, according to

irving Picard, the trustee suing the defendants that included the Wilpon's, received that sum after seeking $303 million in court.

Amazingly, the Ponzi scheme cost Madoff's investors over $20 billion in principal, according to Picard. The prosecution has claimed that Madoff's rip-off is the biggest of its kind in history.

It's mercifully the end of the story in what has been just another chapter in the long, strange road for the Mets franchise lately.

Between the collapses, injury problems and financial woes, this is undoubtedly a welcome bit of news for New York fans, who have seen their team in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

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