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Johan Santana Injury Update: Rehabbing Pitcher Throws From Mound

Spring Training does not officially open for the New York Mets for a few days. The Mets, though, got some good news on Friday when ace left-handed pitcher Johan Santana was able to throw off a mound.

Santana missed all of last season after undergoing shoulder surgery, and his return to health is critical if the Mets are to field a team that is anything other than a laughingstock in 2012.

“I feel really good,” he said. “This is something we always do. The approach that we had from the beginning was to do everything like I always do to get ready for the season and that’s, for me, about the time to get on the mound and start throwing. “I was able to throw my pitches and it felt good after that.”

Santana threw 25 pitches during the workout.

“Tomorrow definitely is an important day,” Santana said. “We’ll see how I recover from it.”

Imagine — the Mets and good news. Who knew that was possible?