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New York Mets Offseason: GM Sandy Alderson Talks Finances, Johan Santana

New York Mets general manager Sandy Alderson spoke with WFAN on Tuesday, expressing his optimism that the Mets can get their financial straits sorted out. He stoked the ire of some fans when he took to his @MetsGM Twitter account to poke fun of his team's money troubles. In the interview, Alderson assured those who were still worried that he is focused on sorting the books.

"Once we get to spring training, we'll be almost all business," Alderson said. "I think Mets fans have a sense of humor. I think they're passionate and I certainly don't want to offend that passion. Three months from now that financial picture could be a lot clearer and a lot brighter. In the meantime, we're going to spring training and I think we'll have a far more interesting team to watch than many people have felt."

Alderson also gave an update on starting pitcher Johan Santana, who underwent shoulder surgery in September of 2010 and is still on the road to recovery. Santana is scheduled to throw from the mound on Friday.

"He's going to be ready to start spring training as any other pitcher would be. I think from that point on we'll have to monitor where he is and hope he stays on track," Alderson said. "But from our point of view now he's one of the five. We expect him to start spring training that way. And we're very hopeful he'll end spring training that way."

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